How to tell when she is mad at you

As a bloke, you may occasionally find it difficult to understand what the woman in your life is thinking. You may find it difficult to pick up on some of the subtle signs and signals she's putting out there. Sometimes it's hard to know when she's really pissed off at you.

If you need some help figuring out if the woman in your life is angry with you then here are a few things to look for that might help you figure things out.

Chances are, if any of the following happen to you, then she's not all that happy with you. An angry woman can exhibit behavior that falls under three main categories...

Property Damage

This one is a no brainer. If she trashes your car, or any other stuff of yours that you like, then there is a 93% chance she's angry with you. The following images should serve as examples.

In car paint job

I think she's angry

Public Humiliation

This is when she attempts to send you a message loud and clear, and doesn't mind who else hears it.


Lost Dog

Small things

The Combo

Take one part property damage and one part public humiliation and you have The Combo. I'd suggest that The Combo is for the lady that wants to make 100% sure that her man gets the message.

The cheater

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