Karl Stefanovic intoxicated or software failure?

For many years now it has been assumed that Karl Stefanovic, co-host of Channel Nines early morning Today program, is a robot.

In fact, many people believe that Stefanovic is actually C3P0, a human-cyborg relations droid constructed in Queensland, and the first Australian droid of its kind. Karl Stefanovic is a robotThis was confirmed on Wikipedia (so it must be true), however Stefanovic's entry has since been heavily edited, with many conspiracy theorists suggesting that it is the result of a cover-up instigated by Channel Nine and Scientology.

Other theories suggest that is programmed with a "white-anting" chip and is programmed to infest himself in an organisation then bring it down from the inside.

On Monday morning however, Stefanovic cast doubt over his robot status when he appeared to host the show, displaying some of the signs associated with intoxication.

The fact that the Logies (Australian TV awards) were held Sunday night, and the after party no doubt carried on well into Monday morning, may well have contributed to his uncharacteristically human performance.

Personally, his uncharacteristic behavior has not convinced me that he's human. I suspect his behavior can be attributed to one of two things.

Either someone spilt a drink on him at the Logies and he short circuited, or he has undergone a software upgrade, most probably to Windows Vista, and is experiencing some instability issues. If that's the case, I'd recommend that Channel Nine re-format the system and install Windows XP instead.

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  1. I’ve seen this so many times yet it is still one of the funniest things Karl, nay Australian television in general has produced. Two things, the first of which being the fact that Karl was acting like a normal bloke which everyone flipped out about because we cannot, of course, have anyone being themselves on the telly can we! The second…when Karl Laughs hysterically and says Fergoooo! I nearly died. Maybe Karl should get on the sauce more often, I’d probably start watching. Oh yeah, ill tack on another third point: LONG LIVE GET THIS 10001110101101

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