The revolutionary new comfort wipe

Hot on the heals of the Snuggie, here comes another must buy product direct from the US, the "Comfort Wipe". They screened this infomercial on Rove last night, but in case you aren't familiar with this revolutionary product that allows you to wipe your ass while maintaining your dignity, here it is...

I'm wondering when and why a person would need 18 inches of extension? To get into those hard to reach places? WTF??

4 Comments on The revolutionary new comfort wipe

  1. And you get the Super Grip with it! What a deal!
    I’d better order mine before they are all gone!
    How can I keep using my hand when I know this gadget is out there?

    Thanks for a disturbing but funny video. steve booth

  2. But if people get used to wiping lazily like that, then they’ll need the double length Comfort Wipe in a few years for “added comfort”! Some things to make our lives convenient really just allow us to be more lazy. Not for everyone though.

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