Top 10 bizarre search terms that brought people here

The one thing I really love about looking after a website is checking out the visitors statistics. Since the dawn of the pickle, people have found many weird and unusual ways to make their way here, and to date, 2009 has proven to be no exception. Here are ten of the more bizarre search terms people have used to find

1. "why is mommy moaning book": I'm sure there are a number of potential answers to this question. Hopefully the 366 people that have arrived at Swollen Pickles as a result of typing it into a search engine have found the answer.

2. "tuna taco": I have to blame Paris Hilton for this one.

Screech - Saved by the Bell3. "screech sextape free": Ewwwww! So far I've disappointed 122 people this year. There's no Screech tape to be found here.

4. "my foot in your ass": Once again, ewwww!

5. "whale jizz": This term would be a result of this whale facts post, however, I'm not sure why any one, let alone 61 people, would be searching for this! Weird kink maybe.

6. "pickle porn": Ummm... different strokes for different blokes I guess.

7. "infected penis": Why??

Pimp goldfish shoes8. "pimp goldfish shoes": These shoes are awesome.

9. "extinction of gingers": The impending ranga extinction is serious business, so I can understand why people where searching for this.

10. "stuff that makes you throw up": if you are looking for this stuff, please refer to search terms three through to seven.

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4 Responses to “Top 10 bizarre search terms that brought people here”

  1. banalytics says:

    because it is infected with cockroaches …

  2. […] is the original post:  Top 10 bizarre search terms that brought people here | Swollen Pickles Share and […]

  3. Daisy says:

    Here I was thinking I got some weird search terms on my site(usually brought to me by Yahoo!), but yours are much worse, lol! I love those shoes.

  4. Candy says:

    There are lots of weird folks out there. I thought I’ve got plenty of them coming to my site, after reading about what you’ve got makes me feel better LOL LOL

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