Today I rolled out the new theme I've been working on recently. It's not even close to being perfect, but layout wise I've blocked out space for where I want everything to go. Design wise I need to work on things some more as it's looking a little plain at the moment. Functionally it seems to be working, although I'm sure I'll find bugs here and there. So I guess the bug hunt starts today.

I set up a 'feature' section to highlight some of the lengthier and, perhaps, more worthwhile posts. I also included a 'top 5 most popular posts' section that drags the top five posts as flagged by the Popularity Contest plugin. Perhaps it says a lot about this sites readership, but currently the top 5 posts are all camel toe related. Should I laugh or cry?

One of the bugs I'm trying to fix, but am currently a little clueless about, is incorporating the 'threaded comments' feature that is now a standard part of WordPress. From what I can tell, the threaded comments function is working, it's the styling (CSS) that is letting it down.

As part of this theme I also wanted to play around with Twitter, not because I find Twitter all that useful, but just so I could understand how to integrate it within a website. It seems like all the cool kids are incorporating Twitter into their blogs so I thought I'd have a crack at it myself and see if I could get something going that didn't rely on a plugin. As you can see, if you scroll to the footer, I got it working. My only issue with it now is that when there are long URLs in the 'tweet' is forces the tweet to break it's bounding 'speech bubble'. Not sure how to overcome this. The easy (cop out) solution would be not to post long URLs in tweets, but I'm sure there's another way...

So if you spot any bugs, have any ideas on how to fix anything that appears broken, or even just styling suggestions on how to make this whole beast look a little more aesthetically pleasing, I'd be happy to see people post them here.