Diet Coke and Mentos shenanigans

The Diet Coke and Mentos explosion is not a new phenomenon. The idea is pretty simple, dump some Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke and you have yourself an instant soda geyser. I've toyed with the Diet Coke/Mentos union myself, with mixed, and somewhat messy, results. Apparently though, I had not fully considered the possibilities.

A friend of mine emailed me the image below (no idea where it originated from*). Hosting a dinner party? Then this little trick could be just what you need to spark things up a little.

Diet coke and mentos

* Edit: According to a good reader, Tay, it was originally in Wired magazine.

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  1. this wouldn’t work as the pouring will disrupt the reaction before it starts. myth busters had similar experience

  2. To perfect it, you would need to run this experiment during high temperature days so as to compensate the ice’s rate of evaporation against the individual’s desire to quench their thirst, otherwise you’re just left with a compromised Mentos at the bottom of your glass.

  3. Yeah, this doesn’t work. It was disproved. When you put the mentos in water, it effectively starts eating away at the shell and this gets rid of the tiny dimples (activation points) where the carbon dioxide forms and releases. So the main way that mentos causes rapid decarbonation is polished off if you put mentos in ice cubes.

  4. No it doesn’t work. There’s a clip somewhere on youtube that explains why. The reason it normally works has something to do with the craters on the surface of a mentos. When you put it in ice, it fills the craters on the surface. Or something like that

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