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It's been quite a while since I last delved into my website analytics. Until about six month ago, I'd pour over the statistics obsessively, hoping to identify trends or the secret to building long term sustainable web traffic. I'm not sure why I stopped digging to be honest. I suspect that over the twelve months prior, visits to the site had reached a plateau and my motivation took a hit. Swollen Pickles was receiving between 25,000 - 30,000 unique visits a month and had appeared to have reached a glass ceiling.

I guess that's why I was surprised when I logged in to my analytics today to see that the site seems to have crashed through that ceiling. In the last 30 days Swollen Pickles has received 55,665 unique visits. I decided to go back a couple of months. As it turns out November 2009 (30,459 visits) was the last time unique visits to the site were under 40,000 for the month. Since December 2009, Swollen Pickles has been averaging over 43,000 unique visits per month.

So what have I done to cause the traffic to burst through the glass ceiling? I honestly don't know. Truth be told, I've been less that active on the blogging front over the past six months. Updates have been sporadic at best. Does this mean apathy breeds success?

What are people looking at? Well, it seems the biggest camel toe in the world is a crowd pleaser, with that page receiving 120,153 page views in the past six months. In terms of keywords, "camel toe" is still a big one, with an odd mix of other keywords also popping up in the top 10 keyword list, including the very specific "why is mommy moaning book". Disturbingly, 130 people also came here looking for an "infected penis". Maybe they were really looking for this little guy?

I'm confused. At times it seems as though the posts and pages I put little - or no - effort into are the ones that receive the most attention, whilst the posts I spend time on get all but ignored. Maybe less really is more?

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  1. I have a few sites which were posting multiple times a day, had a decent amount of traffic but also seem to have a glass ceiling. When I posted less or no content at all traffic went up. But I also have 1 site where traffic goes down as soon as I make less posts. Maybe it all depends on the niche?

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