The Force of Typography

I stumbled upon these gems this afternoon while browsing through some design/advertising websites. These images illustrate that typography can be used for more than just the written word.

These were produced by the H-57 Creative Station Advertising Agency from Milan, Italy. Having a look at their website it appears that they were also responsible for developing the 'Blade' font for the promotion of the Blade movies (I'm not a fluent Italian speaker/reader so much of the website is a mystery to me).

I have to say, when I first glanced at these images I had to take a second look before I realized what was going on here.

The Force of Typography - Storm Trooper

The Force of Typography - Darth Vader

The Force of Typography - Yoda

Source: H-57 Creative Station Advertising Agency

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One Response to “The Force of Typography”

  1. David Rader says:

    Awesome man! This is the second time I’ve seen these, but I didn’t realize until this time that the faces were actually typography compositions themselves!!!

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