Random things that have amused me this Thursday


It's Thursday, it's hot, I'm tired, yet I've still managed to find a handful of things to amuse me on a Thursday evening. It's funny where surfing the internet can lead you. Consider this a geeked out version of six degrees of separation.

First up I got sent a link to this photo fresh from Flickr [original found here]. Why do I like it? It's a pug wearing pug slippers. Enough said.

Pug with Slippers

Through the wonders of technology, I left my little Pug friend and discovered the The Amazing Magnetic Boy. Like the tag line says, "He has more than just a great personality, HE'S MAGNETIC!"

The Amazing Magnetic Boy then Magnetoman. A real life Magneto.

Ever have those moments where your cursor hovers over something and you can't decide whether to click or not? That's about the only way I can explain this Bot Fly removal video.

From Bot Fly to the Smithi Tie Protector. If you thought the Snuggy and the Snazzy Napper were awesome, then you'll probably be placing an order for one of these sooner rather than later.

Have you been keeping count? Yup, only at the fifth degree right now. So where is the sixth degree you ask? I guess it's where ever you end up once you leave this page.

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  1. I love the Smithi Tie Protector. Especially the narrator’s insane inflection at “And SAVES your TIE!”.

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